Saturday, August 25, 2012

A buzz on KC coffee...

We tried out a new coffee bar down in the Kansas City River Market this morning...Quay Coffee (pronounced "key").

Quality - Forget your “triple non-fat caramel macchiato”, our espresso and single brewed coffee packs more flavor than any sugar filled drink you can buy.

Love that. 

Quay Coffee - While we passed on the pastries (which looked delicious), they did brew the best tasting cup of coffee I think I've ever had.  You could actually taste the coffee...and it was an incredible flavor.  We tried the Sumatra, and while I navigated the City Market...Mr. Tellulah drank almost the entire thing!  I'm also happy that they use A&E cream...even though it's not organic, it doesn't have gums like carrageenan in it.  Next week, I'm going in with a vial of my raw cream to add in...the ultimate!  

While I have my favorite coffee places that I will continue to frequent...this one is definitely another keeper for it's own, unique reasons.  These are the other coffee venues I frequent...

The Filling Station is our neighborhood coffee shop within walking distance.  Most of the baristas know you by name (unless they're new ;) and it's a fun, happenin' place to be.  This is where I discovered Toddy cold was the "pot of gold" at the end of my rainbow when moving from the country to the city.  As I was working during the day in this house, peeling wallpaper, removing trash, and trying to figure out how in the world I was going to live here...I would go daily to the Filling Station and get iced lattes and sandwiches.  I will always have a fond place in my heart for this spot.

Broadway Cafe was the first place I ever had an espresso...let me tell you how surprised I was to be handed this tiny orange cup of black liquid and to learn that I wasn't supposed to sip it?!  What a buzz. This was my pre-KCAI hangout spot back in the late 90's. 

Hi Hat is another delicious coffee shop that is a long-time hangout spot of my husband's family.  They used to play in the little park directly behind the coffee shop and we still do with the next generation!  I love sitting outside at this one.  Plus, it's right next door to Annedore's chocolates. 

Who says work and play can't be the same thing?!  That's my kind of c-wrench!

All of the photos on this post are from the venues themselves, namely...other folks, not me!  My hands are too full of baby gear to properly carry my camera anymore.  :)