Monday, September 16, 2013

What's growing...

This has busy summer.  A summer filled with cherry tomatoes, pickling, organizing, crucifix painting and farmer's markets, among a million other things.  It's amazed me how just planting a few things can really change up what you need to buy at the market.  I've been saving seeds and plotting out a fantastic idea for next yard, just garden...except for the front, desert landscape!  Food in back, inhospitable thorny plants in front.  Must protect my harvest.

The temperatures were in the 50's this morning when we all woke up, and the overcast sky facilitated a wee bit of "sleeping in", which means some minutes past 7:30 a.m.  It all made me want coffee, and I trudged through my morning with a pouty lip until I finally decided it was Oddly Correct time, to be exact.  I have grown even more snooty when it comes to coffee, maybe "picky" or "discerning" would be better words.  I only go for pure, freshly made coffee from places that know where the beans are from...and that don't do "frappuchino's.  I was in the Quay on Sunday, one of the two coffee places I still go to, and heard a guy order a latte and then asked them to put whipped cream and caramel sauce on top, and then he added, " You know...kinda like Starbucks" then he grinned like he was a "rebel".  The barista just nodded, and decided to take the high road and remain polite.  That's one of the many reasons why I go there, they're high quality...and high class.

That was one of many incidents lately where I thought..."What were they thinking?"  Sometimes I marvel at the things people do or say.  At the Quay that day, I was wondering why someone would come to a place that was obviously the polar opposite of a Starbucks and order something like that?  No one goes to a Chinese restaurant and orders a hamburger.  It's like going into an "organic gardening center" and asking for Round-up!  It just isn't done.

As I left the Quay with my two littles,  we were walking down the sidewalk when a man in a shiny red car decided that the sidewalk looked like a driveway, cut us off and drove down the sidewalk, over the curb and then parked his shiny red car.  Really?  The curbs didn't scream "not a road"?  Or the woman with children wearing very colorful clothing didn't inspire the red car to go a little slower or maybe, stop?  Once again, what was going on inside that noggin?  Like the owl and the Tootsie Pop..."The world may never know".

Thankfully, even though he almost ran over my kids...I only merely pondered leaving a note on his shiny red car that said, "Sidewalks with people on them are NOT for driving upon, pay attention".  But, I figured it would be a lost cause.  I did, however, realize that we did not say our "Please God protect us from crazy drivers" prayer before we left the house.  As we back down the driveway, we always say it...and this day, we forgot for some reason. Who knew we'd have to worry about the sidewalks too though??  Some days are just like that...

On a different note, the sedum is in bloom and the bees are buzzing all over it.  And so are the moths, butterflies and even nasty ol' flies.  Flying things just seem to love it.  Another fun garden surprise this week was finding an eggplant growing on this odd plant that I allowed to keep growing by my zinnia patch.  And climbing up through a volunteer tomato plant that I actually staked an ornamental winged gourd plant.  So many fun and strange things popped up on their own this year.  Plus, looks like our autumn decorations will be taken care of this year!