Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bunbun wants my tomatoes...

Italian heirlooms...1 pound each!  Atticus the bunny is stalking them...can you say, hasenpfeffer?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

1950's Altered Edges...

Well, it certainly has been a while!  Two months?  More has happened in this last two months than I could even go into...let's just say life is FULL.  But I've been making time for art.  I've learned (or rather I forget, and then remember...) that I need to do creative, artistic things every day, or I sorta get, well...mean?  Not fun to be around?  A little sad?  Moody?  I just don't feel like myself.

Art is more than just a selfish hobby for me.  There really is no time for selfish hobbies when you have 3 small children.  A day without art is like a day without oxygen...maybe not THAT dramatic, but close!  Lately, we have been spending days lavishly watercoloring (will post some of those later) since we were given a huge box of watercolors from an Aunt who teaches art.  It's funny how some of the boxes are hardly that child didn't like to paint or was timid with them.  Some are wiped the child loved art or was a heavy handed painter.  Some are just missing one color, and usually it's BLUE! 

Since it's been months since I've updated, I've got to back track a bit.  This is the page that was due back in June for my art group.  The theme is "1950's altered edges", and this friend is a fellow sewing lover, so it worked well with my goal of doing some sort of sewing on all the pages this year.  The background has a 50's kitchen Formica table top theme, and the thin black lines are thread sewn across the lime green ovals.

I love vintage 50's housewives, so I went with a blue circle skirt and crazy plaid apron...because we all know she baked an enormous angel food cake today in her turquoise blue Hotpoint!
On the other side of the page, I did a reverse applique (love for Alabama Chanin!) with horn rimmed glasses...jewel adorned!

An added fun surprise on this page is...the beads are vintage...they're from a coveted stash of bugle beads I have from our Ice Capades days.  They're from the 70's...not quite the 1950's, but alas, still vintage!

Stay tuned for July's page...Pen and Ink Trees!