Sunday, October 19, 2014

An Artsy Pumpkin Oddity...

Please excuse the poorly lit photos and plush, baby blue blanket background fabric!  It was late, our house is dimly lit and I just wanted to fire off some pictures before it went to it's final destination, Scooters Coffee House.  My sister-in-law and I came up with this design for a pumpkin decorating contest.  We couldn't cut into the pumpkin because it will remain on display for a few weeks and they didn't want it to rot.

Using an old book as a ground, we adhered (hot glue!) the pumpkin down and collaged book pages up the sides.  I then painted the top of the pumpkin orange (don't ask) and added brilliant gold and aged it down in the cracks and around the edges of the book.  

We then twisted bailing wire into a tree of sorts and decided that it needed to be a "coffee tree" so we glued the beans onto fine brown thread and dangled them from the branch tips.  We'd gotten some cheap coffee beans to use in the project but they didn't make it to the studio, so I chose to sacrifice some of my Dave Asprey Bulletproof Coffee beans! The best of the best of the best, SIR!

Gladys here, a 60's dress pattern model, poses with her fresh pick...a lovely brown bean roughly the size of her own face.  That should hold her over for a week of two of aromatic brews!  

Just a fun little distraction from dishes and laundry!  It took two evenings to complete, although we spent most of that time talking and about 3 hours actually working.  And that was equally as fun!  Plus, someone held my 21 lb. infant while I made art...SCORE!