Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stocking up for Thanksgiving...

Today I'm simmering savory stocks and being thankful that my household is almost done with the flu.  For a family who hardly ever gets sick....two weeks of the usual "influenzial" symptoms felt like a year.  But thanks to homeopathy, vitamin C, bone broth and ginger honey tea...we're ready to take on Turkey-Day with new found immunity!  There's nothing like a dance with the flu to inspire you to pop your vitamins, eat your kefir and go to bed!

This murky swill is beef broth, I'll strain and reuse the bones for a two-day simmer of remouillage.  Not as flavorful as the first stock, but still packed with minerals and great to use to cook rice instead of plain old water.

I borrowed a huge stock pot to brine my bird, but first I made veggie stock.  I like to snip whole rosemary twigs and toss them in (from right out my back door), in addition to the onion skins.  It smells so good in my kitchen...and my nose is only at 50% sniff capacity right now too.

And this?  This is nothing short of a miracle.  We had this sad, slumping, shriveled little orchid with a dead twig sticking up and one day I decided to have mercy on the poor thing and try to resurrect it. First, tiny leaves appeared and grew large, then a root popped it's head up from the mulch, and now a new flower?!  I'm honored.  I used to kill every plant I ever touched...even cactus!

And of course an art update!  Even though my art time has been at a premium lately,  Miso always has time.  She decided to draw a whole convent full of nuns!  I'm not sure which order wears red and blue, but hey...at least they all have their rosaries and a big smile! She keeps asking me to make her a cardboard convent to house them all...take THAT, Barbie!!