Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beware the moonseed...

After twisting a festive wreath for my Thanksgiving decorations...I started wondering what this vine was that I was using.  It had "grapes" hanging from it, the leaves looked grape-like...but we had noticed that the birds didn't bother them.  Big red flag right there.  I broke open one of the grape-like seeds, but they had a large, hard, crescent moon shaped seed.

Creepy looking thing.  After a few minutes of research online, I discovered that it's a "moonseed" plant, and bottom line...the entire plant is poisonous.  Miso, who loves grapes and is not afraid to eat things off the ground, became the impetus for putting on rubber gloves and removing ever single berry I could find! Now what do I do with my festive wreath?!  Maybe I should toss it in the trash...I know a certain blond boy who tastes everything he gets his hands on...guess I should just stop being so darned creative and just go to the craft store and BUY one?!!!

And here's a good example for people who scoff at those who take their shoes off in the house...Miso stepped on a's on the bottom of her are Chub's favorite thing to chew on.  Looks like it's time to put the shoe basket HIGH up...

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