Saturday, May 18, 2013

The roof over our heads...

6:45 this morning...I was about to head out to the market when a flock of men showed up and started ripping the roof off of our house!  It was supposed to happen this week, but due to some "issues", it was rescheduled for today and we found out...yesterday.  It was a bit tricky getting out and back into the house...I would listen, then run away from the house!  I even went through my neighbor's backyard and around to my car so I wouldn't get hit with flying debris.

There are shingles, wood, and dust's even on TOP of their cars, they don't care.  I saw one of them walk around the back of the house...he's black.  And he wasn't that color when he got here!  He's got decades worth of filth all over him.  I bet his wife makes him "hose off" before he even steps inside the house!

Our roof was SO didn't even have decking...just two layers of shingles over rotten wood shakes.  When they pulled it all off, all that remained was wood "rafters", and now sunlight is streaming through the roof.  It's been patched many times...when it rained last week, I woke up to the sensation of water flicking across my face as it dripped out of the ceiling and bounced off my nightstand.

It's now 4 pm...and there's a man raking up debris...a man carrying whole sheets of plywood up a stitching down shingles with pneumatic air nailers...air compressors, circular saws...and a lot of Spanish that I don't understand!  That's what I get for taking 3 years of French in High School...a whole lotta good that did me.  The only thing I'm really confused about right now in the world are my kids both sleeping through this roofing war zone?  A testament to their healthy eating habits and good consciences!

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  1. That must have been a disconcerting experience, to wake up to the sound of men taking off your roof! Hahaha! The way you described it, your roof sounded really old, so it's great you finally decided to have it replaced. The images are broken, though. It would have been great to see how the repair looks like exactly.

    Terry Gonzales @