Monday, July 8, 2013

A rare, quiet morning...

With my birthday week behind me, and my odometer perched on a fresh age ending in a zero (that's enough information...) I begin part II of summer.  When I was young (oh no...not THAT expression) I felt that once July 4th and my birthday were done for the year...the summer took a downhill slide from there toward the inevitable new school year, and at high speed.

Sometimes I still get anxiety over it, even though I've been out of high school since rooster tail bangs were still cool.  Aqua Net plus a good hair dryer...oh, how lucky I was to not turn that combo into a flame thrower aimed directly at my face!  It's funny how sounds, temperature, even the quality of the sunlight...can transport you back into time for a moment.  The cicadas will be howling soon...and then the crickets take over in the still, humid mornings...and just when I don't think I can stand it anymore...the trees change, the rains come, and then one morning I wake up and it's already Christmas!

This morning is a very odd one...I'm the only one awake?  I've done dishes, I've sprayed down my garden...I made chai...I'm sitting here reading blogs...and I'm STILL alone.  Maybe this is why I'm sitting here thinking deep, non-truncated thoughts?  No one's trying to steal my ice water.  I'm not hearing "Ring Around the Rosie" for the 35th time.  My personal cafeteria has no customers!  :)

Now, as I hear little feet stomping around above my head, I realize this time is coming to an end...but I wanted to pass on a couple of cool blogs I found this morning.  I love good design, and beautiful illustration...and really love amazing handmade things.

Mielie - Recycled bags made in South Africa
Orange You Lucky - Colorful illustrations

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