Friday, March 21, 2014

A little update...

In my copious free time, and with my fledgling HTML experience...I'm attempting to combine my blog with my website, and move it to a new home.  Yes, we'll see how that goes!  I've had since 1999, and I don't want to lose the domain...although I haven't updated it in a long time.  Old pics...old jewelry...old news!  I don't even have time to fix rosaries anymore, I've had to turn people down because anything that requires my focus gets seriously competed with around here these days!  One day...some day...I'll want to sell jewelry or start a rosary repair business or sell art or something, and I'm going to schlep the website along until that day comes.

I've picked a new "theme" that's nice looking and I'm working on figuring out how to work it.  I'll camp here until I can navigate the new one.

SO, anyway....thank God for spring!  I know this is Missouri and it could still snow, then be 75 the next day...but the fact that the daffodils are popping up just makes me feel better about the whole lot. 

My African violet decided to bloom for me too.  I need a bigger kitchen so I can house all my little growing things.

Tried this fun recipe over at Against All Grain, St. Patrick's Day cookies that naturally turn food coloring required!  It's a reaction between baking soda and sunflower seed butter, pretty neat...I've always loved chemistry.  Which leads me to my next, current obsession...rust dying fabrics.

I've been looking at a blog by Alice Fox who rust dyes fabrics and then hand stitches on them, her work is heavenly!  And another wonderful artist, Jennifer Coyne Qudeen who also rust and eco-dyes...and then sews.  I've always collected rusted things but usually I hang them around like trophies to admire, or make other pieces or art from them.

Now I'm starting to combine my love for printmaking with my new found love of hand-sewing in my artwork.  It's something that takes little commitment from me, I can wrap a rusty object with fabric and throw it in the kiddie pool out back...and if I forget about it...that makes it even better!  My kiddies can mess with it, throw it around and poke it with a stick...and it doesn't matter.  Pics to come soon, as I've already been using the fabric pieces in my art.

Here's another little art project or "accidental experiment" I accomplished lately...melting a coconut oil jar in the dishwasher!  I'd hoped to put beads in it, but now I use it as a flower vase.  It went from the shape on the left, to the gnarled shape on the right...and now the plastic is super hard.  (I love it.)

Soon I'll have to stop playing around so much and get serious, as I'm painting our church's Paschal candle again this year.  My goal is to have it done by what would have been my dad's 73rd birthday, which is the weekend before Easter.  The design is in my head and it's just a matter of starting, and starting is always the hardest part.

And last...I didn't spend the $1 on this...I just snagged a picture of it at the thrift store...Is it saying that the person wearing the shirt is closed-minded?  Or is this person shutting off to other people's nagging input or not allowing them to "live rent-free in their head" anymore?   Time to shut off my mind for the day, until the next update...adieu!

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