Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Painting, sewing, and scary dolls...

Now, why would anyone get rid of this doll...and why has no one adopted her?  The answer could likely be in the reaction on Miso's face when I picked her up and asked if she wanted to take her home!  It was a look of fear and repulsion.  Poor thing, it was still there the next week.  Maybe $1.99 is a bit steep.

Going to thrift stores is a great love...not only do you get to see amazing, interesting things that you don't normally get to see, but you also score things that make you feel like you "got ahead".  I bought what I thought was a cotton robe, and it had a tag inside from an Etsy seller.  It turned out to be a handmade organic cotton wrap dress that was originally $90.  It's massive on me, so I'm going to use the fabric for applique on another project.

Recently, I purchased 2 yards of organic cotton fabric from Alabama Chanin.  It's grown, knitted, and dyed in the USA which makes it pretty special, and fairly expensive.  I'm waiting until I have some undisturbed time to work on it as I can't think straight if there is too much noise.  Ha!  I might be old or dead by then.  Anyway, I bought it in fern green and peacock blue to make some infinity scarves that double as nursing cover ups, a tutorial I saw on a blog.  I'm going to make one, Chanin-style!  But I've got one itty bitty project to finish first...the Easter candle!

 It's all designed, cut and started.  That's the hardest part. 

This is the "major art" on the candle this year, the phoenix rising from the flames, and nesting on a crown of thorns.  I'm saving it for last as I warm up on simple letters and shapes.  I'm on task for having it done by this Sunday, then it's back to sewing!

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