Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sewing and purging...and more sewing...

Something got into me yesterday which caused me to start tossing things into trash and giveaway bins.  Some might call it "nesting", or possibly "spring cleaning fever"...or it could just be the spider that crawled over my arm as I was falling asleep the night before!  

If the spiders are thriving, there are too many good places for them to hide.  And the reclusive brown kind adore piles, boxes and undisturbed corners.  Maybe that's why we get 1-2 bats in our house every year...all the FOOD!

Also, I've been chomping at the bit to start on my Alabama Chanin tied wrap embellished with "random ruffles", but my drafting board work table which is conveniently covered with Vyco (vinyl covering that is very similar to an Olfa rotary cutting mat) has been covered with things forever.  I use one little foot of space to work on projects, the rest is covered with supplies, books, tools...and other projects!  I cleared it off completely, put things in their proper places, wiped it down (twice) and in the past two days I've gotten so many projects going that now I want my whole house to be empty like that!  

I cut all the 1/2" strips I needed for my wrap, 48!  And much art was made by the kiddies today too...

I stenciled a shirt that I'll be doing reverse appliqué upon (and started sewing already) in addition to starting to cut rectangles for another shawl project.  

And, I cut and hand-sewed a bib as well.  It's recycled fabric from a crazy ugly 4th of July themed jacket I acquired last summer.  

It took a long time, as I'm still learning the technique, but I got ONE STRIP sewn onto my wrap, only 47 to go!  Maybe this fall I'll be finished with it?!

It's an easy choice to stay inside and sew all day when the sky looks ominous like this.  But hopefully the warm and sunny muggy parts of spring are coming I've got tomato plants to get into the ground!

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  1. What a very nice post! Everything seems so nice especially the bib. It's good to know that it is hand-sewed only. I think I must try this too. Good Job!