Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh, honey bayuhhh....

Ahhhh...I've just tucked a pot of boeuf bourguignon into my oven for the 2-3 hour simmer and I'm still finishing the glass of wine.  I'm sure it said to drink a glass of wine while you cook, or was it two glasses?  Must have been on one of the 4 pages of the recipe, I'm sure of it!

Nevertheless, dinner is cooking and I'm now relaxing and fielding questions.  "NO, you can't have any chocolate...NO, you can't jump off the stairs onto the old couch cushion, NO, there's not a raccoon living in our house."  Wait, what?

You can't write off every odd toddler question...there IS a raccoon that lives in the abandoned house next door, and with all the food that hits our floor, it could be only a matter of time!  I have been wanting to get the kids a pet...?

Lately, I've been working daily art time back into my life.  I've got many projects going at once, as usual, and I'm about to start the yearly Easter candle too.  I'm trying to finish up some half baked projects like the Hail Mary piece above that I started about 4 years ago, and secret St. Valentine's Day gifts as well...and in the midst of this I clean, organize and purge. quest for lent.  I don't bother with new year's resolutions, lent keeps me much more accountable!  I'm pondering a schedule (yikes!) and even though they seem limiting and scary and suffocating...I believe it will be just the opposite.  I've never lived by a schedule other than my own whim, and now with kindergarten looming in the fall, I feel I must embrace a routine.  *sigh*...yes, it's time.  And I plan to be scheduling in art time too, so then I MUST go do it!  ;)

Some days I only get little shreds of time for art here and there, like the morning "honey request".  Every morning I draw a little picture with the honey bear onto the kids' kefir...sometimes it's a star, or a heart, or a train...but this morning the actual honey bear was requested.  I did the best I could with what I had to work with!  The raspy dialogue from Bashi went like this as he stared at the honey bear:

"Oh honey bay-uhh (bear in Bostonian), you have honey in your boddyyyy....I squeeze your bend ovahh (over) and put honey in my bowl..."

These things happen every did I get so blessed?

And this it, and I mistrust it.  We've been enjoying getting the extra vitamin D and all, but I have a feeling that March is going to dump an epic snowstorm onto us.  I hope so...there's nothing better than being snowed in and having enough cocoa for everyone!  Especially now that I've realized that homemade marshmallows made with beef gelatin and honey will not only melt in your cocoa, but they will also turn brown and toasty when hit with a torch! (Sorry I don't have a picture of about some cute toes instead?!)

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