Monday, April 13, 2015

Garden update...

If you've ever read "Home for a Bunny" you know that the story starts..."Spring, spring, spring!!"  Birds and flowers are bursting out, the frost is gone and here comes the rain.  Soon we'll be mowing grass and swatting at mosquitoes but before that time comes....there's gardening to be done.

I've started broccoli, which I've never grown before.  I've got enough cucumber plants to produce sour dills for the whole block!  I'm turning our yard into a yarden in hopes of producing more food than we can handle.  I like to share.  Also, the flavorless "import organics" have become seriously tiresome! 

Here are pots of mesclun lettuce that I'm trying to save from the squirrels.  They think they might have hidden their walnuts in them so they dig and dig!  Or it could be the pesky robins looking for worms.  You should see them gather on the fence when I turn the I'm filling up the buffet and they're waiting for me to leave so they can feast!

A little sprout that I'm most proud if this Cherokee purple tomato.  I saved the seeds by fermentation method, tried planting a few and they sprouted!  I'm still gaining faith in my gardening skills...for the longest time, I killed every plant I touched.

This cardinal nest came from our 5' tall pine tree...the bird placed it in full toddler reach.  First, an egg fell to curiosity...and in turn that scared the mama away from the other egg for good.  She did make creative use of all the trash that blows into our yard.  Our neighborhood produces high volumes of wandering trash from cigarettes and fast food. 

"Line ups" Bashi calls them.  They're waiting for a good mud puddle so excavation can begin again!  As I was taking this picture, one of the bulldozers started making noise.  When it rains on them they short circuit and make really creepy noises!

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