Monday, April 20, 2015

Little handmade rusty book...

This tiny bookbinding project gave me fits.  Why I decided to work this small is beyond me for small and fragile is not my forte...unless you're talking about humans.  I can handle a tiny newborn, but this book lost two "body parts" in the making.

This was my first attempt at the sewn over tapes, exposed spine binding technique with kettle stitches on the ends.  As I would tighten each thread, I would pull it too tightly and rip the signature from one hole to another.

What started out having 8 signatures...ending up having 6.  And there were choice grumblings at each blunder.  Good thing it's just a "blank" book with no real rhyme or reason, and that my children were outside and didn't hear their mom verbally berating this petite livre!

Rusted pages...marks left by steel and thread.  Why?  Because it's purdy...

...or at least I think so.  Next time, I'll work a little bigger.  It's good to be reminded sometimes of what you're NOT good at!

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