Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Work in Progress...

When I was 15, I picked up a paint brush and went to work...and didn't stop for 18 years.  Now and then I paint a little something here and there, but no longer do I sling gallons of paint at scenery each day and I hardly ever sit and watch miles of paint dry with a cup of coffee in my multi-colored, speckled hands.  (I kept the coffee, the rest went bye bye)

With my new (but not surprising) love of rusted and dyed fabrics, I now find myself in strange, uncharted territory.  It's a place I've only seen in books, or on denim shirts back in the 1970''s Embroidery Land! 

Where I could paint in my sleep, (and have actually fallen asleep while painting!) I can feel my brain starting to sizzle and smoke while reading sewing directions and figuring out stitches.   But I'm obsessed with it, I love it...

I've dabbled in French knots before, but only once!!!  I quickly ran back to my paintbrush.  Sometimes we run back to what we know, but then at some point it becomes boring and exhausted.  At least for a time...

I feel I've abandoned everything I know well in pursuit of something I know very little about.  I feel like I can't "say what I want to say" with paint alone.  And while my brain runs in complicated circles, my art likes to be simple and uncluttered.

It's widely known that I have a "thing" for the desert.  After pondering what to do with all these dyed and rusted fabrics I've been crafting and piling up, it became obvious that I should take those desert scenes that float through my mind and make them "real".  When I look out my window and see house, house, house, apartment, squirrel eating my tomatoes......what I really want to see is the desert, the sky, some mountains, end of list.

Who knows where this needle and thread will lead me?

Random Tellulahness:
So I downloaded this app for my fancy shmancy phone that is supposed to remind me to drink water.  It has alarms you can set that go off throughout the day.  Mine makes exotic bird noises when I'm supposed to sip water.  It's doesn't work.  I heard the birds and picked up my coffee and took a sip.  These apps are useless!

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