Friday, December 14, 2012

This post is about food...!

I've been talking to a lot of friends lately who are moving away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) and into a more ancestral way of eating.  I was asked this week, "I'd like to know exactly what you eat in a day?"  It made me want to write it down...I've kept food journals before, but I never keep at it for more than a week.  Once I figured out what kind of food to eat and how much, there really was no good reason for me to keep a food diary unless I was trying to figure out some sort of symptom.

And I have no symptoms...I'm not overweight...I don't get headaches anymore...I feel pretty good despite the fact that I haven't had a full night's sleep in over a year!  (Thanks a lot, Sebastian...!) During Thanksgiving, I let down my guard a little bit and ate bread.  It was nice bread from the Fervere Bakery, but alas, still bread.  And I ate a lot...with very thick layers of butter!  A week or two after Thanksgiving, I'd gained 5 pounds back.  That took me up to a whopping 140.  ;)  I was also having stomach problems, and felt groggy and bloated.  I stopped eating the bread, went back to my clean eating habits (despite my coffee, chocolate and ice cream...) and voila, I'm back to 135.  And...I still eat marvelous amounts of butter. 

For St. Nicholas Day, Tim bought me the new Primal Blueprint sauce cookbook that Mark Sisson just put out.  I've only tried one salad dressing so far, amazing!  I never eat salad because bottled salad dressing is vile tasting and full of toxins.  I would eat plain lettuce before eating bottled salad dressing, or squeeze a lemon on it, and a splash of olive oil.  Along with the cookbook came the free audiobook of Primal Blueprint and I've already listened to it from start to finish.  I've been visiting Mark's Daily Apple for some time now, but haven't taken "the leap" and read any of his books.  I'm ready to READ the book now, as I need to see things written down for them to be digested.  Listening was great while I worked on art projects, secret...secret Christmas art projects that I can't show because they're for one or two people who I know look at this blog!  I love having secrets...

The other thing I'm excited about is the new Perfect Health Diet.  I haven't gotten my copy yet, but a friend said it's very digestible information, sound...much needed advice in this world so full of food-based illness.  I believe that a lot of what ails people these days is completely food related.  I've cured my obesity and headaches with pills, and no exercise!  Ahem...that's NOT a good thing, bench pressing toddlers counts for something, but it's nothing like a brisk walk down Linwood Boulevard looking around you wondering if someone's going to steal your purse.  Now that's a workout!

So now I gear up for the next food extravaganza, Christmas!  We celebrate Advent so we have no tree, no lights, no egg nog...well, I did make a batch just to see if I could...and yes, it was egg nog.  And it was good!  No need to buy the carageenan nog, thank YOU!  We'll be hunting for a free tree a day or so before Christmas, as always...and we're going to decorate it the day before.  I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year with the kiddies...they make everything more fun!  What's especially fun for me since I love to coming up with healthy treats to satisfy and dare I say, "nourish" people?! 

 Fr. Meyers Florida, 1979.

Speaking of fun, I'm not sure what my grandma said to St. Nick here...but by the look of his incriminating finger, I bet it was something feisty!   

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