Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ice cream making...

There are men running all over the house today.  There are paint contractors measuring the outside of the house, and the appraiser is here taking pictures in my kitchen!  I was up last night until midnight...cleaning, and putting things in their place.  Not easy when you've got a short person running around undoing it all before your very eyes.  Funny thing is, I didn't even start to get tired until 12:30 (am) when I was in the shower and thought, "I think I'm tired...?"  Love the energy that comes with eating "against the grain".  In my bagel days, I never would have been able to clean, play with children and cook meals non-stop for 17 hours.

Chubs slept all night through and when he woke up I tried to get him to lay back down and husband said, "It's 7:30...ya know?"....right then I noticed that the light coming through the curtains was not just the usual sodium vapor brown from the street light, but a faint blue tone that signals my brain to make coffee.

Here it is 11 am....all the men are gone, the house is spotless...NOW what do I do?!  

Make ice cream.
 Mixing cocoa powder into cream can be a bit tricky...

 It comes together as it heats up...

 I used coconut milk because I didn't have enough raw milk left to use...makes ice cream...creamier.

And last....the SPICE!  Cinnamon and chile molido powder I brought back from New Mexico, and some cayenne that the recipe didn't call for.  Zesty!

Now I have cheesecake ice cream, mint chip...and Aztec spice chocolate.  "That'll do, pig..."

Lastly, I've been thinking about a few things lately...I know, brain drizzle...get your umbrella.

The first is...why does it seem so "outrageous" to pay $3.50 for a dozen, pastured chicken eggs...but perfectly fine to pay the same for one latte??

These show the orange and yellow shades in my eggs from the farmer's market.  The one in the middle is a duck yolk!  I hear a cry coming from the 2nd floor...time to make like a baby and head out.  No more time for brain drizzle!

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