Sunday, February 17, 2013

"You're like an Italian cab driver..."

Quoting my dear husband yet again!  He was riding in the back seat of the van while trying to eat a Chipotle burrito bowl...we were en route to pick up my carry-out sushi, it was 8 pm and I was dreaming about raw salmon, what DID he expect?! 

Anyway, it had been a very long time since I'd had sushi...but not as long as it has been since I've had pizza.  I miss pizza, but I don't miss the post-pizza "wish I was wearing sweat pants" bloat!  Enter...cauliflower.  A friend mentioned that she makes pizza crust out of cauliflower and her kids love it.  So I starting searching and found this...Cauliflower Pizza Crust over at

As always, I had to tweak the recipe because I didn't have the exact ingredients...I used mozzarella and parmesan instead of goat cheese.

It was heavenly. Instead of topping it with pizza sauce per se, I used olive oil, 4 cloves of crushed garlic, tomato paste, salt and pepper.  For toppings I used sauteed portobello mushrooms, spinach, green onions and a mix of more parmesan and mozzarella cheese.  It hit the pizza spot!  The one thing I would really say to pay attention to is getting as much water out of the cauliflower as you can.  It's a very important step, otherwise you get soggy crust. Boo. 

Ahhh...wouldn't pepperoni pizza be nice with some Boulevard Harvest Dance Wheat's as close to wheat as I get these day, but it's OK!  

While we're talking about wheat...I'd like to voice my sadness and frustration with the whole, "whole wheat it good for you" concept.  Maybe as little as 50 years ago it was...but in 1968 the FDA made a ruling that all wheat berries in the US were to be irradiated (imported wheat berries were irradiated as early as 1963).  This was to control insect infestations, prevent mold, prolong shelf life...and all with the promise that it would have NO health implications.  Now, as infertility rates climb and immune systems are inefficient at dealing with just about appears that whole wheat is NOT good for any of us.

We can shrug our shoulders at that and say, oh have to die of something, right?  Maybe the fact that they tested irradiated wheat on CHILDREN back in 1975....and in mere weeks these children had abnormal lymph cell formations...could hit home to those of us who have children and grandchildren?  They discontinued the study because they were "concerned about the children's health"...and yet here we are today still eating this irradiated wheat and wondering why we feel like...well, crap!  Just think of all the products out there made of wheat...we're being irradiated, fumigated and sickened...for what?  ($$$$$$)

The next time someone hands my daughter a cracker because it's "whole wheat and sweetened with honey" I might just slap it out of her hand and then slap theirs!  I don't want my baby to die young, sick and miserable...I want her to be running full-speed into her later years, fit and healthy, and then one day just...drop dead! 

And if you're interested in the rest of the wheat story, because there's a lot more to it than lies here.
Wheaty Indiscretions: What Happens to Wheat, from Seed to Storage 

By the way, to the paleo crowd who thinks they've escaped this wheat issue by using almond flour, almonds are required to be fumigated too! And they need to be soaked/sprouted for the nutrition in them to become "available"...and I guarantee you that Trader Joe's isn't doing that to their $3.99 bag of almond meal. If you've ever read through some of the FDA regulations on's quite eye opening.  It might make you want to live off-grid in New Mexico and grow your own food....dig a well...stash 20 years worth of sardines...delete your facebook/twitter/myspace/google+ (if you CAN...)...throw your cell phone into the screaming from the grocery know, things of that nature!!!

Until my brain feels the need to decompress yet again,
Sincerely wheat-free and yours,

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