Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You're my little fatty!

My dear husband strikes again, adorning me once more with special jewels that only he can bestow. He's decided that I'm not his "Sweety"...but rather his, "Fatty"!  Essentially, his argument is that if we "are what we eat"...then I must be his fatty due to the butter/cream/coconut oil that I consume.  *Sweets* aren't something that I go for anymore...I'll take a log of goat cheese over a cinnamon roll any day!

It's been a year since I parted ways with the (SAD) Standard American Diet.  If I'd been called someone's "Fatty" a year ago, I would not have been able to smile or enjoy the thought at all!  It's a wonderful place to be...here on the other side of things.  It wasn't easy, it requires you to second-guess and examine everything that you eat.  But the work is done once and pays off continually.  The one "negative" thing about not eating like everyone else (and even calling this a negative is debatable) is that once again I'm the "odd one".   When I was a vegetarian, I was a nuisance because everyone ate meat...people didn't know what to do with me other than stuff me full of macaroni and cheese or biscuits and gravy.

It was in fact, *biscuits and gravy*, that sparked my exodus from the health-forsaken vegetarian starchetarian or grainetarian lifestyle.  The host at a certain gathering thought it would be pleasing to fix wheat bombs and gravy while the rest of them dined on grilled salmon and asparagus. It was the final straw as I sat there and ate this nasty, goopy, heavy meal...it wouldn't be long before I had ditched that lifestyle and was sitting in front of a plate of crab legs feeling self conscious as everyone stared at the "silly vegetarian sliding off the turnip wagon"!

My opinion on the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, based on the ones that I've known and from personal experience, is that it's merely a control issue.  Life can be crazy, and random, and things happen one after another that are completely out of our control.  We can't say, "I never have car trouble", or, "I always have dinner made on time", or "I never get headaches"...but we can say, "I don't eat meat or harm animals" and we can control that.  Well...actually, it's harder than it sounds on the harming animals part...if you're not feeding your gut bacteria what it needs, then you are essentially harming animals!  You're harming...well, YOURSELF!  When does an animal stop being an animal, when we can't see them with our eyes?   There are far more bacteria in our own bodies than there are cows roaming across Kansas.  Don't anyone look up those statistics...I didn't!  I just know that there are some 10 trillion bacteria in the gut alone...and they don't appreciate garlic bread...or biscuits and gravy!

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