Thursday, February 28, 2013

But...I like the taste of coffee...

" dear, you like the taste of CREAM."  Guess who?  That's right...dear husband strikes again.  He's right, I do like cream...but I truly DO like the taste of coffee.  I know that when some people "go out for a coffee"'s more that they're going out for whipped cream and caramel sauce.  It always makes me tilt my head and go...."Barroo?" when people say they actually don't like the *taste* of coffee.  Then just get a hot cocoa with whipped cream and caramel!  We won't think you're like a little kid for doing it!  Go ahead, get a cookie too!  Heh.  :)

Now that THAT'S over with...I must say, I've actually been crafting today.  It started out as just another day...I was staring at this shelf in our hallway that's piled with random fabrics and half-started art projects.   As I was choosing what to relocate to my new "sewing closet", I pulled down two huge bags of fabric strips that I'd intended on making into rag garlands.  That's when the muse hit me...she downright slapped me across the face and then grabbed me by the ear and hissed..."What are you waiting for, Christmas?!!!"

Yes...Christmas a few years back, that's when I started making them!  *sigh*  So I decided to not think about it too hard, and to not tell myself to put it away or push it aside...I just carted the bags to the first floor and dumped them out.  Who cares if the kids run through all the strips?  So WHAT if they redistribute them all through the house?!  They're going to do that anyway, may as well be something new for them to mess with.  It must be boring playing with all those TOYS all day long. 

I grabbed my big 'ol ball of twine, and some coffee...and got busy.  I think of it as "doing my part to make use of all this STUFF we have over here".  I've always been enamored by stories of people keeping old clothes and sheets to make other things from them.  I'd like to get back to my sewing machine and make blankets and skirts...but today I just needed to get my hands moving. 

You see, I've got some big projects on my plate that are due soon and the hardest part is starting.  Lately I've been in the kitchen non-stop...the "to do" list never gets any shorter...I feel that if I stop doing dishes and laundry and cooking and actually do something crafty...I'm letting my chores slide.  But if I don't get into art mode...these projects are going to be impossible to start.  Sometimes I "unclog the pipe" in my creative brain by just going hog wild on an unimportant project.

And now...the window is decorated.  This garland is made from FAT CLOTHES.  Lots 'o material in a size 16 skirt, let me tell you!  I'm going to start buying plus sized skirts for fabric projects as there's way more fabric there than people realize.  Especially a ruffled skirt...take one apart and behold the yardage.  I can't afford to buy 4 yards of nice fabric, but I can afford a $5 skirt at the thrift store!

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