Thursday, March 7, 2013

Milk and Cookies...and Prismacolors

Not too much to say about raw milk and almond date ginger cookies...

...except, breakfast is served!

This has been one of the best sugar-free paleo cookie recipes I've found yet.  Sugar-free does NOT mean, sugar-less.  It contains sugars...not sugar.  Dates, still a sugar source, are real and unprocessed. I found the recipe over at, and I must say..I never stray from the recipe!  It's my way to adjust and alter, but this recipe is great AS IS.  I've always made it with coconut oil and not bacon grease...and I've never added the optional bacon pieces as I haven't had them on hand....YET.  But bacon...what's not to love?!

OMG Paleo Ginger Cookies

This past week, since I've gotten my hands and brain moving thanks to rag garlands, I've been designing this year's Paschal candle for church.  I've had the honor of doing this for the past 3 years.  I usually take visuals from the church and recreate them on the candle.  Sometimes it will be a stained glass window, or the details from the altar, or even simply a color match to the church.  This year, I took some designs that I did previously for the school logo which I also got the honor of redesigning last year, and used them for the candle.

Ironically, I've chosen the very colors that I want to use on our house!  We're getting our house painted this spring and I've been given the task (funny how an honor one place, can be a TASK in another!) of choosing colors.  Yellow-cream, muted blue-green...and rust.  These are my dad's Prismacolors...he's been gone for 10 years and I've only used them 3 times.  They were HIS box of colored pencils and I wasn't normally allowed to use them.  With good reason, I would have lost them, nubbed them off and they wouldn't be the perfectly amazing box of colors they are today!  Most of them remain un-sharpened.  He used them to color code his plans and blueprints for work...and well, I'm doing pretty much the same thing with them today.  They are quite special to me...and I covet them.  Once I let a friend borrow them...he removed them from my possession, and promptly returned them.  (It was a big deal for me, what a special friend!) He also color coded something for church...what a long, glorious and meaningful life for a mere box of Prismacolors.

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