Saturday, May 4, 2013

Draw Something...

Am I losing my mind?   I posted the same meat picture twice in a row...I must have REALLY liked it!  Or, I've been doing so much I can't even remember what I did yesterday...I think that's more true.

Well, I won't dwell on my apparent meat-headedness...I know for a fact I've never shown you these.  Some of my "Draw Something" jewels.  As you can see from the blue and white numbers at the top left corner, a friend and I have quite a streak going. 

In honor of this strange spring we're having, I give you..."Tornado".  This was a tricky one to draw with a finger...usually when I draw a tornado (which is my second most drawn object next to a tree) I add a little house flying around next to it...I decided that would be too much.

And one of my great loves, the "Desert".  The only thing missing is a little stick figure walking toward the sunset...she's wearing a long skirt and totes a bandana full of snacks tied onto a stick across her back...that would be me.

Do you know what kind of sister this is?  If you guessed Franciscan, you win!

Uh oh...I actually felt a little weird just drawing this one...I had no one in particular in mind, really!

 Pink can with white lines...can you say Aquanet?!  I can't help thinking of Ricky Lake in "Hairspray"! Love that two-toned red and orange art school issue hair-do!

Well that's all for now...I decided not to show you the "Madonna" drawing, yep...I drew the cone bra.  And I also opted to not show "sewer" was just wrong. 

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