Friday, May 3, 2013

They said WHAT about me?!

Random Tellulahness: Have you ever been standing there looking in the fridge for something and after rifling through every shelf in vain you realize the thing you seek has been in your hand the whole time?  I do.

Now for a story: Last Sunday, at a benefit auction, unbeknownst to me, several women were talking about my "physique" and one said that I was, "Too skinny..."  Seriously?!  That's the first time anyone's ever said THAT about me.  I'm trying to figure out whether the comment itself bothers me, or the fact that people were talking about me and don't have the glands to say things to my face?

Unfortunately, I know who this woman is (really wish I didn't)...and I would never wag my tongue at other women and say about her, "Gee...she sure is TOO FAT".  That would be rude, right?  Why is it OK to talk to others about "skinny folk"?  She could of at least told ME that directly so I could have had a chance to go on and on about how much BBB I eat...Butter, Beef liver and BACON.  Why am I so skinny if I eat all that fat? I wouldn't want to forget raw heavy cream, nuts, coconut oil and avocado either.  Oh, now I'm just bragging!

The only food that's ever made me put weight back on is grain/starch.  The ironic bit about someone saying I'm too skinny NOW is that I'd packed a few extra pounds on this last week...WHY?  Two reasons.  1.) I "discovered" Mary's gluten-free organic seed crackers and proceeded to not only eat the whole box, but made several dips along the way since I finally had something hard and flat to scoop it up with!  2.) Undercooked skin-on potatoes.  Some vegetables must be thoroughly cooked, potato is one of them.  I always make mashed potatoes with loads of butter, or bake the life out of them in the form of french fries. In the last few weeks I had two helpings of undercooked potatoes while I was out and about. Potatoes and non-sprouted seed crackers have given my digestion something to fight, and it's made me feel sick and tired.  Done with those!

I'm also giving coffee the cold shoulder too.  I'm going back to my theory that coffee is best left to professionals and in a "dessert" kind of way.  Not the daily dessert that the SAD (Standard American Diet) demands, but a true treating...a special thing in moderation...a "French Women Don't Get Fat" mentality for it was Mireille Guiliano's inspiration that started me down the road to health.  I didn't set out to be SKINNY.  

And now I've grown weary of talking about this whole topic, it just struck me because of all the gossip that's ever set sail in my honor, this by far takes the cake.  Har har...bad joke, I don't eat cake!

Maybe this is a bad transitional topic, but the farmer I buy from at the City Market said he's got someone working on a website for him, but the guy wanted pictures of cuts of beef.  Are you kidding?  I take pics of his cows cut up and grilled a couple times per week!  This was flank steak that we marinated and grilled.  I hope he'll allow me to bomb him with gratuitous meat pictures for him to use...and now I must go, for the site of beef makes me salivate.

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  1. While French "Friends" would be a lot of fun, what I meant was...French FRIES! ;)