Friday, January 24, 2014

Not just pinning anymore...doing!

Pinterest...either you love it, or you avoid it for one of many reasons.  It's endlessly fascinating to me, but it can suck your time up like the fiercest Hoover ever built.  Currently, I have 54 boards, 1,712 pins of inspiration, ideas, loves...and craft projects to try, someday!  Someday when I'm not busy sitting on my can clicking away at pretty pictures, that is!

Someday finally came...completely on a whim. I started with this project pinned from which is a tutorial on weaving in the Saori style.  Cardboard and yarn, I have lots of those!

This was my first...I went wild with color, picking every little crazy scrap of yarn I had.


I'm in the St. Valentine's Day mode, can you tell?   It seems I rotate my craft projects based on the approaching holiday.  My husband commented that this weaving has now replaced my winter craft of crochet.  I try, I try...but my brain cannot make sense out of the directions for crochet projects.  I need something hands-on and very forgiving...which can be "messed up" a little and still look good!   Oh!...all the scarves I've made with the uneven ends and skipped stitches, bahhh!

I also love projects which allow me to use power tools.  :)  Deeply embedded in my heart, is a love for tools.  I love tools corded...battery powered...hand powered...from small pliers to radial arm saws, my heart goes pitter pat.  I'm downright twitterpated for tools! 

This project for an artsy desk caddy made from tin cans inspired me to finally do something cool with the huge collection of tin cans I've saved.  They've been on my drafting desk for years...filled with Sharpies, and markers, and pencils....on my desk, eating up valuable space.  I wanted something portable, sturdy and spacious. And of course...I needed my cordless DeWalt, various hand tools and a "serious" hot glue gun...not one of those low-temp craft store ones that you could practically squirt ON your hand and not even feel it!  Low-temp glue also dries too fast, and the pieces eventually pop apart.  The hot glue gun I have growls when it heats up (kidding) and it squirts out glue so hot, you could give yourself a 3rd degree burn in seconds (NOT kidding). Rabid hot glue guns bring back fond memories of gluing hundreds of gaudy jewels onto set pieces for the Branson sensation, Shoji Tabuchi's wife...Dorothy!  She had a glorious shell with glittering (plastic) jewels which held her as she "emerged" into view...Glamorous! 

I drilled some holes so I could join 2 sets of the larger cans with baling wire to a wooden purse handle, then hot glued every can together.  Bashi watched with delight as the cordless drill whirred loudly...when the drill bit went through the first can he let out a revered..."whoa"...yes son, I know!  Anyway, it's solid.  Here it is for now...

My plan is to decoupage dress pattern paper all over the sides, which will not only make it look sweet, but will give it an added level of sturdiness.   This pin for the "altered tin can" made me happy...I hope mine rust on the edges too.

Lastly, I'd like to address the fact that I've been non-blogging since September!  I started a few posts...but either they were too personal, or I was just complaining.  :)  I've decided that sharing my current craft projects would be the best direction to take this blog.  With two toddlers, and a little one on the'd think I wouldn't have TIME for arts and crafts.  But I must make time...or I'll go crazy.  And that's a fact.

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