Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We've been...Googled...

A new coloring book arrived this morning...also known as, the Google Fiber manual. 

A young man wired yet another device to our house and a certain little Miso was thrilled to receive this new coloring book from..."The Google Maaaaaannnnn!!" 

I was checking for hidden cameras.  They've documented just about everything BUT the insides of our houses and I wondered if they'd outfitted their installation techs with cameras to make even the private parts of our homes and lives...available for all to inspect!   My insightful husband simply commented with "No, that's called Facebook"!  Yes...self-imposed lack of privacy!

We'll see what brother has to add to the book today.  He's usually in charge of deconstruction, but maybe he'll want to leave his mark instead. 

I'm humming right along on my desk caddy.  It's going to take many layers of paper before it's satisfactory.  I've had to put  my beloved crafts aside the past two days because when I do my grocery shopping, there's always a lot of food to prep.  

Yesterday I made paleo chili.  I'd love to share the recipe but I read 3 different ones and then used the salad bar technique to make my chili.  I had random tomato products that needed to be used, a nice pound of grass-fed beef, freshly made beef broth and a TON of spices.  No beans, but I did add sour cream and cheddar to the top.  My kids loved it despite begging for more and more water, and eventually they needed milk to put out the fire. 

Today I'm making Indian food...chicken tikka masala, and mung bean soup.  The mung beans have been sprouting on my counter for a few days so hopefully they won't give any of us "issues"! 

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