Wednesday, February 19, 2014

$5.50 thrift store finds...

I love thrift stores...especially little hole in the wall ones that could charge a lot more, but don't.  Of COURSE, I like that...!

Here's my latest haul...not pictured are the 3 Hot Wheels cars I bought which actually made up for half of the $5.50 total I spent.  Funny how 3 little junky made in China toys are more valuable than vintage linens, plates and a silver played serving set in the original box?!

Usually, I pass up all kinds of state plates...but not one from New Mexico!  The vintage mustard striped dinner napkins are very nice quality, and appear unused.  There's a vintage Christmas nativity ornament on them from 1977 which may be difficult to see.  The silver played serving set is Wm. A Rogers and is in the original box.  The striped kitchen towel is worn but still nicer than the ones I buy at Target!  The stained, tatted heart I will use in an art project...possibly an art journal with all the memorabilia I've saved from dating, our wedding, honeymoon and St. Valentines days.  And last but not least, a vintage tea pot made of lucite with funky bits embedded in it.  Such treasures at $5.50...less than a burrito at Chipotle.  :)

What I DID pass up was a crate full of original Erector Set pieces from the 1930's with the original instructions and everything.  $100!  I hope they get that for it!

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