Saturday, February 22, 2014

My first hand sewn baby bib...

Inspired by Alabama Chanin's "Five Generations (and a baby bib)", I've finally taken the time to sit down and start sewing things by hand.  It's supplied me with many much-needed SIT down, to SLOW down, and to have valuable CRAFT TIME! 

This bib is made entirely out of bed sheets, thread I already owned, and buttons from the thrift store.  it's 3 layers sandwiched together which hopefully will supply enough thickness to keep sweet potato goop off of baby's shirt.  When it goes through the wash, the edges should get nice and fuzzy as well.  Some people may not like that...but there are tons of bibs out there that are hurriedly tucked and machine stitched...this is about slowing down, which also matches my theories on food and eating.

At first, my hand stitching was "awkward".  My thread kept looping and knotting and misbehaving...I had not "loved my thread" quite enough!  It really did work the next time I threaded the needle.  Yesterday, I schlepped a chair out into the sun and sat under a pine tree and stitched while the littles dug holes in my muddy herb garden bed!  It's the perfect craft for me as I have tons of saved fabric and love handmade, imperfect things with frayed edges.  Character over perfection!


  1. So this is your first hand-sewn baby bib? It looks nice! Using buttons to hold the both straps of it is a very good idea. The pattern that you have shared is awesome!

  2. Yes, thanks! And I love the Chanin pattern. I redrafted it to be a bit longer as I find my kids are taller than most and need a little extra to catch the food. :)