Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow day facial reconstruction...

Snow...we finally got some real snow!   You can see our law furniture with snow up to the springs!   And that "bush" at the bottom of the picture?  Yes, well...that's our Christmas tree which got tossed out into the yard until we can dispose of it properly.  My dad used to tie a cement block to ours and sink it into the lake for a fish habitat, but I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate that over at Loose Park Lake.

Anyway, 9 inches deep...

It's put a lovely white cap on everything, and although I don't mind being snowed in...there are a couple of littles I know who have started to get cabin fever.  When you see them running laps around the dining room table, you know it's time to get out the GLUE.

Last night, as I was going through old Veranda and Elle Decor magazines in an attempt to shave the fat off the magazine collection...I remember how much I loved to tamper with the faces of make-up models.  Usually I do it origami style and tear the whole page out and make a series of folds in order to quickly adjust their beauty levels and facial proportions!  But I knew that was a little advanced for my monkeys, so I cut a huge pile of eyes, lips and noses for them to arrange on cards that they had water-colored some time back.

Working the glue bottle is always a joy...I know I still like playing with Elmer's.  When I was a kid, I used to pour it all over my hands, let it dry and then peel it off.  And now I get to pass on the legacy!  *sniff sniff* sentimental!  Bashi picked up the routine immediately...he would grab a part, flip it over and squeeze the glue bottle over it and make a pile.  I'd then rub it around for him and hand it to him to place.  He did one or two but became disinterested as he was only fond of squirting glue everywhere!

Little Miso was trying to actually find both eyes that matched instead of picking two different ones, and she got the noses upside down too.  She was more timid with the glue bottle.  I learned a little more about them by just watching how they went about the task.   In the end, we came out with some really funny combos.  They would giggle when I'd hold each one up.

At one point, Bashi looked up and had a stray eye stuck to his forehead.  I hadn't laughed that hard in a while.  We got a really good art fix today...and knocked out our St. Valentine's cards to boot!

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