Sunday, June 26, 2016

Purging in the studio...

Come and get it!!! (Actually, it's gone...things don't last long on the curb in our hood!)

Sometimes I just can't wait for Saturday to take donations to the thrift store...I open my own little shop right on the sidewalk.  Everything on that curb was either given to me, or purchased at a thrift store.  Easy come, easy go. 

What hasn't been so easy is purging my art studio(s).  There are 3.5 rooms in our house dedicated to my love of art...metals on the back porch, a sun room and adjoining "kitchen" are my main studio and supply "dump"...and then half of the bathroom we had slotted to be a huge walk-in shower, well....that's my sewing room!  

As I go through things in these areas I've realized that where I once thought of myself as "multi-talented" (and I still may be...but...) I now see myself as scattered.  I've never been able to decide on one or two genres of art, and my tools and supplies reflect that wildly.  

I have, however, recently decided that I'm done with two departments....tiny beads...and magazine collage.  I've spilled more beads than I've ever used, and although I will one day face the daunting task of sorting and deciding which beads to keep and which to hock, the tower of beads stands erect and abandoned in my studio beckoning my 2 year old to open each drawer and fish for treasure!

And magazine collage?  I've decided to ONLY keep my grandmother's American Home magazines from the 40's and 50's...the rest of the paper bits waiting to be collaged are, well...a fire hazard at best!  I'm over it...and the recyclers will get their arm workout on Monday because 90% of it is going curbside.

My studio might just hover off the ground this weekend from the unburdening! The downside I'm experiencing is...even though I've been purging like mad, it doesn't seem to make a huge dent?  

Drastic deeds are in order...I might just have to...MAKE ART!!!  That's really what I want to be doing with my time and materials. 

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