Tuesday, June 21, 2016

So many books...

I'm still purging like crazy for the Minimalism Game, as well as the Joshua Becker "Uncluttered" course.  June 16-20, I discarded 90 items...37 of them were books from my studio about art forms I'm not really interested in anymore, or that I know well enough to NOT require a whole book on the subject...like glass bead making, bead weaving and dough craft?  Not an appropriate genre for a gluten-free household!

I purged 15 blank reward certificates from when I taught 4th grade back in 2007.  They were as old as the kids were in my class at the time....those same kids graduated from High School this year.  What a spiral.

Indeed, I've been "spiraling into the location" of minimalism.  It's not a straight line by any means...the clutter moves and I chase it around the house, but I'm slowly getting down to essentials. Today I heard an echo in my dining room!

The other challenge is avoiding garage sales, thrift stores...dumpsters.  I'm discovering that "free" items often come with unseen costs.  They require a manager and a cleaning lady too!

More purging has included blank journals with 4-5 pages used in the front of each.  I've tossed at least 10, shredding those old pages or tearing them out and inserting them inside of a different journal.   I need a program called "unScattered" for my artsy brain...something to help me gather thoughts and ideas into ONE journal instead of 4.

If I were to execute merely half of the ideas that actually survive the path from my brain to a piece of paper...I could open my very own curio shop!

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