Friday, June 10, 2016

Seven, Eight, Nine...and Ten...

As the June days grow higher in number, it becomes more apparent that I have too much stuff because it's easy to find 8 of something, 9 of something 10 of something!

On the 7th day I did NOT rest.  Instead, I trashed 6 vintage Ice Capades shirts from the 70's.  They've been in a damp steamer trunk and even though they were sealed in plastic, there's mildew and rust stains on them.  I've tried washing that sort of aroma out of clothing, it just doesn't come out, even with sunning.  In the trash they went.  That leaves a 1 item deficit for the 7th.

There's an art genre that I'm just not versed at, clay.  It's in my bloodline, I appreciate the art form...I'm just not a clay person.  We all know if we're "clay or not"!  I'm not.  Time to part with some tools and supplies like this vintage letter press mold.  It's in the future Etsy sale bin.


Day was easy weeding through art books to find 8 "fantasy art self" books to part with.  Beadweaving?  Figure drawing?  Not my usual art adventures nor ones I dream of.  And parted with 1 of 3 papermaking books...I had two of the same book!

Day 9...9 glass supplement bottles I'd cleaned up with intentions of filling them with homemade walnut ink to sell at a Christmas Bazaar last year. Tired of keeping them, easy to replace.  I thought of the Minimalist's "20/20" rule.  If you can get it for $20 or less in 20 minutes, kiss it goodbye. 

Day 10...10 frames.  Old ugly frames at that.  The sheer "what if" supplies in my studio is overwhelming.  It's definitely buried my creativity.  The studio gets lighter and lighter as I purge, and a miracle has also occurred....there's now an AC unit IN my studio!  This will not be my 10th summer of sweating like a pig (suffering for my art) as I try to make jewelry or paint in my hot-as-the-dickens studio.  I can dejunk in comfort now...even though it is symbolic to sweat out toxins as I declutter my life!

Happy 111th birthday to our old may have Google Fiber...but it's never had AC!

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