Monday, June 6, 2016

Three, Four, Five and Six...

The Minimalism game continues, I'm trying to keep up so I can get my 30-Day decluttering badge of honor! 

Today, I found 6 items in my studio to part with.  It's a high clutter area because I save EVERYTHING.  I parted with; Three journals with a few pages used in each, two mannequins that have been sitting in the window of my studio for years and a strange print that was given to me as a gift and I was told "If you don't like it, you can reuse the frame."  Well, NO...I don't like it...and NO, I can't reuse the's hot glued together.  BYE.

On June 5th I parted ways with 5 lbs. of can find your marbles and still be out of your mind.

June 4th, we de-owned a giant wok and it's base.   One could throw this over a firepit and make fajitas...for 20 people.   Must go.  It gives me a flashback to the time I was almost kidnapped by gypsies, but hey, hasn't everyone??  We also parted with 2 kid-sized folding chairs that got soaked in the rains last month.  A friend at church happily accepted them, squishy seats and all.

June 3rd, we decided to sell 3 wooden director's chairs that were in the basement collecting dust.  We never use them.  There are 6 chairs and a bench outside to sit on...plenty of seating especially since we aren't party people.
The catch on the chairs was that I washed the fabric parts to "freshen them up" before selling them.  They were red, and I washed them (in hot) with my husband's faded jeans.  Not only are the jeans skin tight now, but they're also PINK.   He's such a good sport to think that it's funny and still be willing to wear them!  <3

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